Jennifer Aniston: True Hipster Poster Girl?

Spencer Cain

Yesterday, The Cut published an amazing piece entitled “Jennifer Aniston‘s Hipster Evolution,” complete with a slideshow of the starlet’s style over the past year and a half. This, much like everything in Jennifer’s life, is generally noted to be the result of a man’s influence. And while the adorably dirty Justin Theroux is surely responsible for Rachel Green getting her groove back, I argue that Jen’s hipster cred has been a long time coming. Here’s why:

  • The 1999 Emmy Awards. I mean, you all remember when Jen showed up looking like she had just woken up in her car after passing out in the Sonic drive-thru line. Seriously though, it looks like she’d been hittin’ the “peace pipe” a little too hard watching like, Planet Earth or something atrocious, and Brad Pitt yelled at her from his adjacent wing and reminded her that they have a huge awards show to attend. Naturally, she rocked some faux-dreadlocks and wore a dress that looked like a sparkly marshmallow Peep. Ballin’.
  • While we’re on the subject of the peace pipe, it’s always been rumored that Miss Aniston is a ganja connoisseur. Though allegedly she’s admitted it to indulging in the green once in awhile, multiple reports claim that her and Brad were hooked, and left the house less than some stoner brat who lives off of the Lorimer stop.
  • John Mayer (rumored to be a d-bag and friend of Mary Jane) also added his own special grungy edge to Aniston when they were dating. She had a tumultuous, on-and-off relationship with the tattooed crooner, and whenever they made up, they were plenty of paparazzi shots of them sitting around sipping cocktails and puffing away on Marlboros. (What? No American Spirits?)
  • What’s a hipster without a kooky posse? Jen pals around with the likes of Terry Richardson and Chelsea Handler. In fact, Jen and Chels spent Thanksgiving in Cabo together last year. You really have to wonder what they all chat about at a dinner party at Chez Aniston.
  • While many could cite this image to her move to New York from her beloved Los Angeles, I beg to differ. Of all the mega-rich actresses, she was certainly the one who cared the LEAST about her public image. When the crap hit the fan following her and Brad’s divorce, and his almost immediate high profile tabloid bonanza relationship with Angelina Jolie, she played it cool. Everyone expected some sort of public meltdown, but Jen was too busy spending time with her friends, spending time on her own, and generally just not giving a f*ck.

I know that my girl has her share of haters, and I just don’t get why. Jen has stayed above it all for quite some time, and while her style has certainly veered in a hipper direction since landing her latest beau, the ‘tude has been there for quite a bit.