Jennifer Aniston Squashes Elopement Rumors

Emily Kanoff

Jennifer Aniston is making the promotional rounds for her new movie, “Horrible Bosses 2,” so obviously most interview questions are centered around her wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux and not, say, her role as a sexy, nymphomaniacal dentist in the sequel to her hit 2011 comedy costarring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikes and Charlie Day.

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But while speaking with “Extra’s” Rob Estes this week, Jennifer laughed off the constant speculation about her love life in a way only she can—with humor, grace and a little bit of sass. Check out their exchange below, with Estes’ quotes in bold:

“Last time we were together, I asked about the wedding.
Hasn’t it already happened?
Did it happen? You guys eloped and no one knows?
I don’t know if that… I haven’t read this week what’s happening with us so I have to look into it..
This week is: You’re going to elope.
Oh is that what’s happening?
You’re going to Tavarua [a heart-shaped island in Fiji], it’s going to be a surf wedding..
Ooh! I don’t surf. Oof, that’s gonna be.. that’s gonna suck.”

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And with that, the speculation continues!

“Horrible Bosses 2” hits theaters on November 26.