Jennifer Aniston Rocks a Bikini With Gerard Butler


Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were snapped by the paparazzi having fun in Mexico this past weekend, but the two weren’t on a solo date vacation. Joined by Aniston’s friends Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow, Jennifer and Gerard hung out like friends, not flames.

One of the startling things about the snaps of Gerard Butler hanging out with Jennifer actually had nothing to do with the company — it looks like he lost a good deal of his freaky X-Mas gut already. Perhaps it was post-holiday bloating we were looking at before, because otherwise, I need his secret!

Jennifer Aniston will be turning 41 this week, so it looks like she took the weekend to kick off the celebrations. Good for her! Jen deserves a good getaway, especially because of that constant media scrutiny.

Do you think that Jennifer and Gerard have something going? Although the tabs were quick to point out that the two spent a lot of time together while working on Bounty Hunter, we think they’ve become really good friends… and that’s all. We can understand why people might think they were together, simply because of Jen’s attraction to bad boys, but it just looks like a “friends-only” trip to us. After all, Gerard has been linked to Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon since the rumors started up about the two.

After examining the pics, do you think they could be anything more than friends?

Contributed by Meieli Sawyer Detoni.

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