Jennifer Aniston’s Fav Thongs Are Massively Discounted RN & Shoppers Say They Actually Stay Comfy + in Place

Summer Cartwright
Jennifer Aniston’s Fav Thongs Are Massively Discounted RN & Shoppers Say They Actually Stay Comfy + in Place
Photo: Courtesy: Chelsea Lauren/Variety.

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There are a few celebrities whose advice we will always, always, always take: Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Cher. This unlikely (yet iconic) trio has never let us down, providing us with insights on everything from the best butt-lifting pants on Amazon to the easiest way to maintain a full head of voluminous and thick hair.

So, the fact that they all have the same favorite underwear says volumes. Each of these legends has gone on record to declare their love for Hanky Panky, and after doing some research on the panties, it’s clear to see why. See, the brand offers up some of the market’s most dependable pairs of thongs. They’re designed with a specialty waistband that keeps them from riding up or drooping down, and is made with incredibly soft cotton material. This way, you won’t be left sitting with an itch you certainly can’t scratch in public, nor slowly falling drawers that you can’t save.

Aniston’s love for Hanky Panky goes a while back—she first went on-record declaring her admiration for the brand back in 2019 during a Q&A with Sandra Bullock (if only we were invited to that hangout). Since then, the brand has grown a major following. In fact, a pair of its underwear sells every 10 seconds. To put that into context, that’s a whopping 8,640 pairs a day, 60,480 pairs a week, 241,920 pairs a month and 2,903,040 pairs a year.


Now here’s the thing: These aren’t your classic pair of grocery store undies that you can get for a dime a dozen. These are like the Maseratis of the thong world. They’re made with extremely long-lasting material that somehow feels snug and secure without cutting off your circulation, yet they have a comfortable and stretchy feel to them. This combination is rare, but worth every penny.

One typical Hanky Panky thong costs around $22. A higher price than most, sure, but given the craftsmanship put into each piece of underwear, we get it. However, Nordstrom is having their twice-a-year sale event right now where a whopping 35,000-plus items are discounted by up to 50 percent (or more). You bet Hanky Panky is included in these offerings; you can shop a pair for just $13.

3-Pack Original Rise Lace Thongs

Courtesy of Hanky Panky.

3-Pack Original Rise Lace Thongs

Now, you can shop three-packs for up to 40 percent off and save around $30 in the process. This deal is a good one—you can go into the new year with a fresh set of lingerie that’s actually worthy of putting on your body.

“I love these,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I have been buying them for at least ten years. They are comfortable and they last.”

There are a few different styles that the brand offers, and the majority are included in this eye-catching discount. Perhaps the most popular style is the low-rise thong. Close to 400 Nordstrom shoppers have reviewed this kind, and it has a near-perfect 4.8-star rating.

Low Rise Thong

Courtesy of Hanky Panky.

Low-Rise Thong

You won’t have to worry about having a whale tail when you’re in these undies. They’re designed to fall under your hips so that they don’t budge out of your jeans, yoga pants or leggings. Usually, these bet-selling thongs cost $22 a pop, but today you can shop them at 40 percent off for $13.

The unique blend of nylon and spandex material gives these bottoms a fair amount of stretch, so you don’t have to fret about the one-size-fits-all offering. Shoppers call these “wardrobe staples,” adding that they “fit like gloves through weight fluctuations, never dig in or leave panty lines.” What more could you want?

There are so many more pairs of Hanky Panky underwear on sale right now. Check them all out here—but do it fast. This massive Nordstrom sale only lasts until January 2.