Jennifer Aniston’s Natural Hair Is Apparently Curly & My Mind Is Blown

Jennifer Aniston.
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Jennifer Aniston has been rocking the straight and sleek look for decades. But according to her hairstylist, Aniston has very curly hair. This news is honestly shocking considering she’s only ever worn it straight. Well, occasionally we’ve seen it beach wavy. And there was that moment in the latter end of her Friends career that she wore it crimped and messy on the red carpet with heartthrob Brad Pitt. But like other than that, it’s always straight and sleek. Even “The Rachel,” her iconic look established by her on-screen Friends character was straight, with a bend inwards. It framed her face perfectly, but like, the hair was straight. So…we need an explanation of this supposedly curly hair. And Aniston’s hairstylist, Chris McMillan, has some answers.

According to Glamour, the actress’ longtime hairstylist posted a photo of Aniston from the premiere of her new Apple+ series, The Morning Show. In the photograph, you can see the former sitcom actress’ natural hairstyle, and it’s honestly so beautiful. But are we surprised? Jen could rock any hairstyle and she would still look flawless. We hear mullets might be making a comeback (@ Billie Eilish)—maybe that will be next for Aniston. Then again, maybe not. But regardless, we’re loving this inside look into Aniston’s au naturelle vibe (which, as it happens, is the ideal beachy-wave look).

“This was such an honor to be a part of,” he wrote on Instagram. “The hair is Jen’s natural curl and waves. Dried natural and touched up minimally with blow drying the roots for direction and touching up random pieces with a wave iron.”

Turns out when he says “curly,” he means that dreamy, tousled, effortlessly beautiful wave that all of us try to achieve. It’s natural for Aniston. Why are we not surprised? She’s already #goals for so many reasons, let’s just add another, shall we?

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And it seems like Aniston is really leaning into her natural waves of late. She rocked them on the red carpet for The Morning Show premiere, but that’s not all. The actress made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she talked all things Friends. She seemed to be rocking her natural hair that day too, looking effortlessly chic and laid back. Style. ICON. And Aniston, she even gave her hairstylist (*legend), McMillan, a shoutout as she and Colbert discussed the Friends Lego set. The Rachel lego piece is complete with a hairstyle that Aniston was not familiar with. “I never had an angled bob, but Chris McMillan would know.”

Speaking of the Friends lego set, have you guys met Jennifer Garner’s “Friends?” Please enjoy: