Jennifer Aniston Just Revealed if There’s Still Any ‘Oddness’ Between Her & Brad Pitt After Their Divorce

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt
Photo: Jen Lowery / OConnor-Arroyo/ via MEGA.

Ever since their divorce, fans have wondered: Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt still friends? Well, it looks like Aniston didn’t star on a sitcom all about *ahem* friendship for 10 years for nothing! According to the Friends alum, she and Pitt are still “buddies” to this day.

The Morning Show actress, 52, recently opened up about the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, 57, for an episode of The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, June 23. During the episode, Aniston discussed what it was like working with her former husband on a virtual table read in September 2020. The pair, who were married from 2000 to 2005, read for characters Linda and Brad, love interests in 1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The casting choice naturally led to some fans seeing sparks fly between the actors. But did the on-screen chemistry end there?

According to Aniston, the pair are just happy being friends. “It was absolutely fun. Brad and I are buddies, we’re friends,” the Cake actress said. “And we speak, and there’s no oddness at all, except for everyone that probably watched it and was wanting there to be, or assumed there to be.”

The virtual table read was hosted by Dane Cook and organized to raise money for two different charity organizations: actor Sean Penn’s emergency relief organization, CORE, and the REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice reform non-profit. Following the table read, Cook gushed about Aniston and Pitt’s performance during an episode of the “On the List With Brett Gursky” podcast in November 2020. “People wanted to see those people together, right?” he said, before noting that “it felt like a real nice, joyous occasion. A lot of laughs.” Cook added, “They’re pros. They’re pals. They just came to play.”

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly when the virtual event took place, Aniston and Pitt were actually “a little nervous going into” the table read due to past rumors that they’re getting back together, but the pair ultimately “enjoyed” themselves. “It used to bug them how everyone pulls for them to get back together, but now they laugh it off,” the insider said at the time. “The truth is they have each other’s backs. They constantly bounce ideas off each other and share happy news when they have it. They have such a natural, easy energy together.”

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