Jenna Lyons Disses Lena Dunham’s Character in New ‘Girls’ Trailer: Watch

Julie Gerstein

Have you missed “Girls”? Lena Dunham’s HBO series about four struggling twenty-something friends returns January 12, and to herald its forthcoming episodes, the show just released an all-new promotional trailer featuring Dunham, Allison Williams, Adam Driver—and J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons!

Lyons, from what we can tell, plays a part in the upcoming season as Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath’s bitchy boss at a publishing house. After Horvath dumps an array of snacks onto a conference room table, Lyons’ character quips, “and I see you found the snack room as well…”

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Is Horvath ready to go toe to toe with Lyons in the style department? Judging from the clip, not quite yet, though in one scene it appears that she’s wearing an Alexander McQueen dress (how she’s able to afford that on Horvath’s barista wage, we’ll never know). According to “Girls” stylist Jenn Rogien, Horvath’s look purposefully shouldn’t  meet Lyons’ exacting standards.

“[Her clothes] don’t quite hit at the right place,” she told the Huffington Post. “We mess with the hem lengths so they’re not exactly the best or most flattering length. We don’t press her clothes, so that they aren’t completely put together … We’re using the costume to help support her emotional journey and sometimes that means having things dwarf her a little bit, or be intentionally awkwardly fitting because that’s helping to drive the emotion, support the story and reflect what’s going on.”