Links to Click: The Dish From Jenna Lyons’ Assistant, Zac Posen’s Holiday Cookie Recipe, More

Meghan Blalock

jenna lyons

The Internet today served up the strange, the unexpected, and the downright delightful. Read on to see what made our list today!

1.┬áDesigner Zac Posen makes his own holiday cookies, and apparently they are delicious. Here’s his recipe. [The Vivant]

2.This is amazing. Jenna Lyons’ assistant claims she is “the nicest person in the industry.” [Elle]

3. R&B god R. Kelly’s new album “Black Panties” doesn’t come out until next week, but you can listen to the full thing streaming now. [Fact Mag]

4. Amanda Seyfried is obsessed with her dog, and so is the rest of America. [BuzzFeed]

5. Want your makeup to smell just like Christmas? Here are some awesome beauty products that achieve just that. [Daily Makeover]

6. Birth control for men, long a rumored possibility, might just be happening in real life soon. [The Cut]

7. We’ve all had bad haircuts. Here’s 10 funny/annoying things that always happen when you get one. [Beauty High]