Here’s What Jenna Dewan Really Thinks of Those Channing Tatum & Zoë Kravitz Dating Rumors

Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum, Zoe Kravitz
Photo: Invision/AP Images.

Many have been eager to hear Jenna Dewan’s response to Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz’s dating rumors—especially ever since recent photos of the pair out and about in  New York City went viral on social media. According to a new report, Tatum’s ex-wife is pretty much unbothered by his rumored romance.

“Jenna doesn’t get involved in who he dates,” a source told E! on August 25. “She wants the best for Channing and hopes that he is healthy and happy. She leaves it at that.” This makes plenty of sense, considering that Dewan, 40, has already moved on since her divorce from Tatum, 41, in 2018.

The Step Up star began dating actor Steve Kazee, 45, soon after separating from Tatum. By 2019, the pair announced they were expecting their first child together. Dewan and Kazee went on to get engaged in February 2020 and welcomed their son, Callum Michael Rebel, the following month.

While she now appears to be happier than ever in her new relationship, Dewan has admitted how “difficult” her divorce from Tatum truly was. “I was just gutted,” Dewan told People in 2019. “It was so difficult for me. It was the loss of an idealistic future for myself and my life. What does that now look like for me? Where do I begin? I met him when I was 24, I didn’t know life without Chan.”

The actress went on to note, however, that their split was amicable. “People grow and they change and sometimes they don’t grow and change together. So it wasn’t an overnight thing that happened,” she started. “There was no one event. I think it was just a slow realization that we wanted different things.”

“You would never expect your life to take a turn the way it does,” she continued at the time. “But embracing it and starting fresh and figuring out what you want in life and what means a lot to you and what’s meaningful, what is going to make you happy. “I’m grateful that I now am at a place where I understand myself and what I want and I’m happy about this new chapter. I’m in a place of joy.”

As for Dewan’s ex-husband, “there’s more than a friendship going on with Channing and Zoë,” a source previously told E! after the pair were spotted out on multiple occasions together in New York City in August. “They are spending a lot of time together and having fun. They are more than just close friends or co-stars. Their relationship has grown into more.”

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