Jenna Dewan Ditches Lob for Boob-Length, Beach-Babe Hair Extensions

Jenna Dewan Ditches Lob for Boob-Length, Beach-Babe Hair Extensions
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Out with the old and in with the drool-worthy hairstyle. After years of keeping us on the edge of our hair-obsessed seats with her shoulder-length lob, Jenna Dewan-Tatum just switched things up big time with a fresh head of wavy, beach-babe hair. (Cue the heart-eyes emojis.)

Though the 36-year-old has done her best at switching up her lob—whether it’s ironing it stick-straight, keeping it naturally shaggy, or adding blonde highlights in June—there’s only so much a gal can do until she exhausts her options. The quick fix? Add more hair. The “Step Up” star did exactly that when she debuted her new boob-length beachy waves on Instagram yesterday, and nearly gave us a hair-induced heart attack in the process.

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Now, in the vein of keeping it 300-percent honest, Dewan didn’t magically just grow chest-length hair in the matter of days. The look is the miraculous work of hair extensions, and we’re hoping the dancer keeps them in all summer long. In the Instagram selfie, the “World of Dance” singer looked super summer-ready, posing under a sun beam as her chocolate brown locks glimmered in the light. “Long hair do care wins. For now😉,” she captioned the shot.

If you been keeping up with Dewan’s hairdos, you would know that isn’t the first time she’s taken a liking to hair extensions. In April, the mom went beach-babe again with a head of super-wavy hair extensions that reached just above her boobs. While it’s not Dewan’s first time at the hair-extension rodeo, her new faux locks seem to reach a lot longer than the ones she flaunted in April.

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With all the celebs chopping their hair into lobs and bobs left and right this summer, it’s refreshing to see a lob wearer do the exactly opposite of that and actually add on some hair. While we’re dying to know hubby Channing Tatum‘s take, we have a feeling he’s a fan. (Who could not be?!)