Jen Aniston & Justin Theroux’s Mushy Joint Holiday Card

Spencer Cain

If you’re a devoted member of Team Jen like myself, you were probably thrilled this year when Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux started shacking up — It seemed like her questionable choices in men following her split from Brad Pitt were finally over.

Skeptics dismissed their relationship, claiming that he was too much of a bad boy and she was simply settling so tabloids would stop constantly putting her on the cover, pitting her against Angelina Jolie. However, Jen and Justin have prevailed — and even taken some mighty cute pictures for Justin’s bud Terry Richardson in the process.

Now, it seems like they have taken their relationship to the next level. No, I’m not talking about marriage or a baby — I’m talking about the holiday card. Perhaps one of the most important milestones, the holiday card can be handled in many ways, but these two opted to go for mushy — and I mean mushy.

The parchment, which was probably sent out to lucky A-listers, states that “a donation was made in the name of the recipient to St Jude’s Children’sResearch Hospital and Best Friends Animal Society.” While this is beyond sweet, the card allegedly also includes two “linked Js” on the cover. This is alarmingly similar to Kim and Kris’ wedding invitation, so I can only hope the parallels with that relationship stops there.

Regardless, it’s bound to be a happy new year for Rachel Green, as she has finally found her real-life Ross.

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