Would You Wear These Boots With Floating Barbie Heads In The Heel?

barbie shoe Would You Wear These Boots With Floating Barbie Heads In The Heel?

We’ve long admired the folks at shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell for turning out innovative, attention-grabbing footwear (you know you pranced around in a pair of Litas at one time or another ), but now it seems the brand has really taken things to another—slightly batsh-t crazy—level. Exhibit A: The Icy Black Suede Dolls boot.

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We first noticed the boots while browsing shoe e-commerce site Tilted Sole, and couldn’t help but fall into a weird “are these cool or are these creepy?” trance. The six-inch heel is manical enough, but the floating doll heads really send a good old “I’m slightly unhinged but also kind of awesome and daring” message.

The boots retail for $265, and we totally have a feeling that if a slightly idiosyncratic street style star (ahem, Anna Dello Russo, if these were a gazillion dollars) wore them, we’d all suddenly start to see them in a different light.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the boots clearly haven’t collaborated with Mattel, as the product description refers to them as “doll heads” as opposed to “Barbie heads.” Somehow, we think the toy company probably doesn’t want to be affiliated with the group of subversive, slightly goth gals stomping around in these. Oh well, their loss!

So, tell us: Would you ever wear boots with real Barbie heads in the heel? Let us know below!