Meet Jeff Lowe’s Nanny, the Most Googleable Star From ‘Tiger King’ 

Tiger King
Photo: Netflix.

Those who have seen Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness know that the most Googable star isn’t Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin, but Jeff Lowe’s nanny. Netflix’s Tiger King—which followed the rise and fall of Joe Exotic, the owner of Oklahoma’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park—released its eighth and final episode on Sunday, April 12. In the episode, host Joel McHale interviewed several key players from the documentary, including Jeff Lowe, Joe’s former business partner who now owns his park, and his wife, Lauren Lowe.

Among Joel’s questions was, of course, about Jeff and Lauren’s nanny. Tiger King viewers remember that Jeff and Lauren have an open marriage and that Jeff handpicked the couple’s nanny while Lauren was pregnant because he wanted a “hot nanny” for their baby. In the Tiger King reunion, Joel asked how the nanny is doing. “She’s hot,” Lauren said. Jeff added, “She’s excellent. You’ve seen her.” Joel then joked, “The first thing it says when you type in Jeff now on Google, it just says, ‘Jeff Lowe nanny.”

So, who is their nanny? Well, her name is Masha Diduk, and she’s a model and Instagram Influencer from las Vegas. Masha, who’s represented by MMG, has appeared on TV shows like David Spade’s Lights Out. But it seems like her current day job is the caretaker for Jeff and Lauren’s daughter, Sarah. According to Masha, she’s worked for Jeff and Lauren since September 2019. She met Jeff around four years at a Las Vegas hotel. As viewers remember, Jeff would often meet women at Las Vegas hotels by inviting them to his hotel room, where he would charm them with meet-and-greets with his tiger cubs.

Judging from Masha’s Instagram, she’s also taken to babysitting some of Jeff and Lauren’s animals. Photos from her account, which has more than 200,000 followers, show her cradling animals like sloths and baby big cats. It’s unclear how often Masha stays at Jeff and Lauren’s park in Oklahoma, but her Instagram shows her traveling back and forth between the zoo and her home in Las Vegas.

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