A new anti-fade denim solution is here, thanks to denim atelier 3x1.

Denim Atelier 3×1 has the Solution to Keep Your Jeans Fade-Free

Susie G

3x1 denim solution11 Denim Atelier 3x1 has the Solution to Keep Your Jeans Fade Free

Maintaining a wash or color on a pair of your favorite jeans can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you like to opt for darker hues like moi. I’m sure you probably have your own set of tricks on how to care for your go-to dungarees, like putting a pair of jeans in the freezer to zap out any funny smells and scents; or washing it in cold water only and letting it hand dry; or just even totally avoiding washing them all together.

But for those of us that still want to get our trousers scrubbed up every now and then and still maintain the denim’s original color, thanks to NYC-based denim atelier 3×1, now we can.

Conjured up by denim guru Scott Morrison (who also founded fellow denim boutiques Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn in the city), the 3×1 Denim Solution is the exact product that is used on-site at the 15 Mercer Street shop in SoHo during their “Wet x 1” cleaning process. The solution helps to maintain the blue dye in the denim and avoid it from fading when it goes into the wash, therefore eliminating the need to ever dry clean your jeans as well.

The 3×1 Denim Solution comes in an 8 oz. bottle which should get you through about 15 washes. And for $20 a bottle, think about all that money you’ll be saving from not going to the dry cleaners all the time.