6 Jean Trends For 2023 That Have Nothing To Do With Low-Rise Denim

6 Jean Trends For 2023 That Have Nothing To Do With Low-Rise Denim
Photo: iMaxTree. Design: Sasha Purdy/STYLECASTER.

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If there’s any item in your closet you’re most likely to have a tumultuous relationship with, it’s denim. Jeans are notoriously tricky to shop for—I can personally count quite a few near-tears dressing room experiences—and once you think you’ve found the perfect fitting pair, they stretch a whole size bigger after the first wear and then shrink three sizes in the wash. Then, just as we started to move on from the skinny jeans debate, low-rise denim started trending (a controversial option). If you’re reminiscing on the day of work-from-home and sweatpants, I don’t blame you. However, I will say that the jean trends for 2023 give me hope for a denim-clad future—and I promise, no low-rise needs to be included. 

One reason to get excited about denim for 2023 is that the material is going to be incorporated into way more wardrobe elements than just pants. The Spring/Summer ‘23 runway shows were all about denim in non-traditional ways. From denim maxi skirts at the Burberry show, oversized shirts at Blumarine, and denim-patterned mesh at Diesel, you’ll have your pick from plenty of versatile styling options—you can fully participate without ever having to button a pair of jeans! 

STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Blumarine; Diesel; Burberry; iMaxTree.

On the contrary, the huge resurgence of full-denim outfits may also make you fall in love with wearing a good ol’ pair of jeans again. After all, jeans are still the ultimate pant for versatility—they go with everything and can go anywhere. Similar to the untraditional denim silhouettes on the runway, jean trends are switching things up. From cargo styles and two-toned washes to super baggy silhouettes, jeans are ready to move from being a staple piece to a statement piece. 

To help navigate the denim trend traverse Kaili JiMei Miller, StyleCaster’s social editor, put a few trending pairs to the test from brands like Revice, DL1961, Lee and more. Keep scrolling to get the low-down on every easily wearable denim trend for 2023. 


STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Courtesy of Kaili JiMei Miller.

Straight Leg Jeans

Somewhere between the wide-leg vs. skinny-leg jeans debate, we’ve found a happy medium with straight-leg jeans. This style works for casual events and always looks cute with a fresh pair of white sneakers but also can be dressed up with strappy heels and a blazer for work and social events.

Kaili’s Review: Topanga Straight Jeans

“BOOTY-LIFTERS! I don’t know what it is about this fit or fabric, but these Rails jeans made my tiny butt feel so good. My confidence went 0 to 100 real quick.”


STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Courtesy of Kaili JiMei Miller.

Two-Toned Denim

Do you prefer dark wash or light wash? Well, now you won’t have to choose! Two-toned or color-block jeans are one of the more adventurous jean trends hitting shelves in 2023. The colorblocking acts like a contour for your legs and will make them appear longer than they are. Look for a pair with a slight flair to really play into the optical illusion.

Kaili’s Review: Westward Colorblock Jean

“I feel SNATCHED in these jeans—they hug me in all the right places. I usually struggle with jeans fitting big in the waist and tight in the hip area, but I have no issues with these Wranglers.”


STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Courtesy of Kaili JiMei Miller.

Cargo Jeans

It’s no secret that cargo pants have been having a moment the past few months. The casual, grungy style has taken over as the go-to pant to wear with sneakers and kitten heels alike. Now, the style has formed a denim hybrid with cargo jeans. They’re oversized, adjustable and hey! they have huge pockets. Pair with black heels and a leather jacket for the ultimate night-out look.

Kaili’s Review: The Maverick Pant

These REVICE’s are like the perfect love child of parachute pants and denim. I feel so trendy in them, they’re comfortable, and the fabric is super soft.”

STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Courtesy of Kaili JiMei Miller.

Asymmetrical Waist

If you love a crop top, listen up! Jeans with an asymmetrical waist are the perfect way to add fun design detail to your fit and make your waist look snatched! An asymmetrical pair of jeans usually comes with a wider leg cut or in a vintage-inspired mom jean cut. If you’re in the select group of people who love a low-rise fit, sizing up in a pair with an asymmetrical waist will let you wear them lower on your hips without having to add a belt (or worry about them falling down).

Kaili’s Review: Oversized Jeans

“Some jeans with asymmetrical waistlines pucker up really funny when you sit, but these don’t! Plus, I love the light wash and wide leg.”

STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Courtesy of Kaili JiMei Miller.

Baggy Jeans

You can thank Bella Hadid for reviving the super baggy jean trend—I swear every pair she wears gradually gets baggier and baggier. This style is meant to pool at the hem and fit loosely all the way up the leg. Rocking baggy jeans is all about understanding proportions—if you’re wearing something really oversized on the bottom, balance it out with a fitted shirt or jacket on top to keep everything in balance.

Kaili’s Review: High Rise Slouch Jean

“Lee, baby. You’ve done it again. I love that the wash isn’t giving your typical dark denim. The high-rise waist feels so flattering, and the denim has a slight stretch, so I never feel stiffness when sitting down.”

STYLECASTER | Jean Trends 2023

Courtesy of Kaili JiMei Miller.

Classic Canadian Tux

As demonstrated by the runway images above, full-denim ‘fits are the new uniform for 2023. While you can play with oversized proportions, layering or skirts, a classic Canadian tuxedo will always be a chic option. For a Canadian tux, the denim can either match exactly or be a similar shade—plus, the look can be mixed and matched every which way.

Kaili’s Review: DL1961 Vintage Jeans & Tilda Shirt Jacket

“I’ve never been one to pull a Britney and JT moment, but this set is so fun working. Sometimes denim can be really stiff and not have any give, but these jeans and jacket are made from the smoothest denim I’ve ever felt.”

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