Jean Paul Gaultier Talks Target Lines and Exhibitionism at The Standard


No one accused Jean Paul Gaultier of modesty. The famously eccentric designer has been in New York this week for a bit of business and a bit of pleasure. At the opening of Vladamir Restoin Roitfeld‘s exhibit “Martus Maw,” he explained what he has been up to stateside.

“I want to see movies – Precious, and the one with Jim Carrey – A Christmas Carol. I want to see that. It looks really funny and with a lot of ideas and quite like dreaming.”

“You know, I’m in the hotel, what is the name of it – the Standard. So, I am in the bedroom where it is an exhibitionist event!” he said. “I did not know that, so I did exhibition without knowing what I was doing. I did not know people could see. But, nobody was looking. It’s quite hilarious, it’s excellent.”

Of his upcoming Target collaboration that he’s been in town working on, he said “What I am doing [for Target] is still Gaultier, very Jean Paul Gaultier, it’s in my style. But it’s different – clothes for more people and less expensive and more affordable, but still modern. It’s nice. It’s an element of surprise they want, so that’s good.”

We can’t wait to be surprised when the collection hits stores. Until then, we’ll be strategically positioned for a sighting on the High Line.

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