In Case You Were Wondering, Jay Z Is ‘Fully Supportive’ Of Lemonade

Cady Lang

Since Beyoncé released her Internet-obliterating visual album, Lemonade on Saturday, the world has tripping over its collective feet trying to analyze Queen Bey’s allusions to infidelity, side chicks, and trust issues—all prevailing themes of the album. Naturally, since Bey has been in a relationship with one Sean Carter for 16 years (eight of which are married), most people have jumped to the conclusion that the two-timing individual in Lemonade‘s narrative is her husband, Jay Z. This, in turn, has spawned a million memes, like this:

And this:

And also this:

It’s also sent the Beyhive into witch hunt mode trying to find the “Becky with the good hair” that Beyoncé refers to as the other woman; so far, there have been two noteworthy candidates and one very hilarious mix-up.

However, the folks at E! News have taken it upon themselves to ask sources close to the Knowles-Carters how the couple, specifically Jay Z, are doing in the post-Lemonade world we’re living in. Apparently, despite the plethora of sad-Jay Z memes, Mr. Carter is doing just fine.

A source relayed, “He is fully supportive. He understands the reasoning. This is part of the process of being transparent. And they have healed. He has been very humble about the experience. Beyoncé is the love of his life and he will do what it takes.” Another source added, “Jay was involved in the creation of Lemonade and knew every song Bey was going to release. He knew the lyrics; he knew the implications. He had to approve the songs before release. Jay is a very smart businessman…Bottom line is that they are both really smart and they both saw dollar signs… Jay is all about self expression, so he gets it. Beyoncé shares music before it’s released with Jay so he can listen and share his thoughts. When it comes to music, they are very in it together and supportive of each other’s craft.”

So there you have it — while we may never know whether or not Jay Z actually cheated or not, we do know that he supports Lemonade and its cash flow. As Beyoncé said, “best revenge is your paper.”