Jay-Z Reportedly Buying an Island for Beyoncé So They Can Vacation Without Paparazzi

Spencer Cain

What do you do when you and your wife want to have a simple, romantic vacation in Cuba and it starts an international controversy? Or what about when pesky paparazzi hound you and your young daughter when you’re just trying to sunbathe on a yacht off the coast of Sardinia? Well, if you’re Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you take matters in your own filthy rich hands and buy your own island.
According to The Sun, Jay-Z has been thoroughly researching private islands in the Bahamas for his family with hopes that he can “turn it into his own Necker Island like Richard Branson.” Apparently, the island will commemorate his five year wedding anniversary and also serve as a place where their daughter Blue Ivy can build sandcastles and frolic in the ocean without pesky flashbulbs.
Now, before you think they’re being outrageously splashy or irresponsible with their money, small islands aren’t as expensive to buy as you might think—and theirs will allegedly be in the $3 million range. Considering that can’t even buy a house with more than three bedrooms in the Hamptons these days, we definitely understand why they would want to get the biggest bang for their buck.
Plenty of other celebrities, like Mariah Carey and Steven Spielberg, vacation on their own islands.
What do you think of the purchase?

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