Why 2016 Is Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “Year of Infinite Power”

beyonce jay z Why 2016 Is Jay Z and Beyoncés Year of Infinite Power


If you’re in the mood, be sure to send Beyoncé and Jay Z linens and lace (Frette, anyone?) for their eighth wedding anniversary, which is today. If you’re not in a position to do so, you can still follow along with them this year, a.k.a. their “Year of Infinite Power,” as per celebrity numerologist (yep, that’s a thing) Julian Michael.

He spoke with “E! News” about the couple’s year to come, and he basically said that since the dynamic duo is obsessed with the number four, and eight is twice that amount, this year is going to totally rule for them.

beyonce jay z 1 Why 2016 Is Jay Z and Beyoncés Year of Infinite Power


They were married on the fourth day of the fourth month of the year—April 4, 2008—and pretty much everything of significance for them involves the number four in some way. In her documentary, “Year of Four,” Bey called the number “my favorite number since I was a kid,” as it has remained. “It’s the number of my birthday, September 4; my mother’s birthday, January 4; my husband’s birthday, December 4; it’s the anniversary of my wedding.”

Also, Jayoncé worked four into their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy. No, wait, there’s no four in that. Or is there? Look closer: “Blue IV.” Oh, snap. Leave it to the boss couple to strike with some Roman numerals.

Every celeb has their weird fixations; just chalk it up to having something solid to hold onto. And it’s kind of cool: The two have seemingly sneaked it into every facet of their lives. They even tattooed IV onto their ring fingers when they wed. Talk about an ideé fixe. But as Michael told “E!,” “The number four is … a door; when you choose to walk through the door, you connect with infinite opportunity, possibility, creativity.”

Here’s hoping Beyoncé’s new album totally slays as a result.