Best News Ever: Beyoncé and Jay Z Will Tour Together This Summer

Meghan Blalock

If we’re being completely honest, we’re surprised this hasn’t happened sooner; sources are telling Page Six that Beyoncé and Jay Z will go on a major 20-stadium tour this summer—together. The tour, allegedly, will start in late June and reach its climax during a July 4 show in New York.

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This makes so much sense, it’s almost comical why music’s biggest power couple hasn’t  done this before. In our minds, it seems like it’s something they’ve probably been planning for a while—they’ve just been waiting in the wings for the perfect opportunity to co-tour. They’ve both been laying the groundwork for some time now; Jay Z’s “Legends of the Summer” co-tour with Justin Timberlake last summer was of the same design, and ended up being incredibly successful, pulling in nearly $70 million.

Beyoncé’s just-wrapped “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” was actually named after her husband, so there’s that. It just seems like after more than 10 years together, it’s time to make this musical partnership very official.

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We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for confirmation of this news, but until then, we’re just going to go ahead and assume it’s true. Not because there’s any real evidence that it is, but just because we want it to be true so badly, you know? In the meantime, click through the gallery above to see some of the couple’s cutest moments ever.

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