Jay-Z and Beyonce Ready for Kids


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Jay-Z strolling around in Brooklyn with a baby carriage. According to the Editor-in-Chief of Gotham magazine, Jay-Z slipped and told her that “procreating” is a priority for the dynamite duo. After a secret wedding in Tribecca, the two have been seen all over New York; sometimes donning their wedding rings, other times leaving them at home.

Despite Beyonce‘s interview on the The View where she expressed little interest in having a child of her own, she did speak excitedly about her sister’s Solange’s son. Guess Beyonce has had a change of heart, and will be jumping on the celebrity-baby-bandwagon soon enough.

What do you think; should Sasha Fierce stay in superstar mode, or is Beyonce’s perfect body ready to take on pregnancy?

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