Rumor Alert: Jay-Z May Have Revealed That Beyoncé Is Pregnant Again

Leah Bourne
455335586 Rumor Alert: Jay Z May Have Revealed That Beyoncé Is Pregnant Again

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With the rumor mill in overdrive that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were preparing to separate, we can basically say no one saw this coming:  Yesterday, when the couple was performing in Paris for the final leg of their “On the Run” tour, Jay-Z reportedly announced that Bey is expecting baby number two.

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Here’s what went down: According to show-goers, during Jay’s performance of “Beach Is Better,” he tweaked the lyrics slightly to: “’Cause she pregnant with another one.” Adding fuel to the report that this was the rapper’s way of revealing the two are once again expecting, there’s also a photo circulating that shows the couple cupping Beyoncé’s maybe-pregnant belly.

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Of course, there’s been zero word from the couple’s camp on whether the report is true—and it all may well turn out to be just hearsay. Of course, that hasn’t stopped folks on the Web from estimating how far along Beyoncé may be. IAmericaDinero, for instance, posted a recent photo of Bey in a crop top, holding an alcoholic drink to Instagram, saying: “I wonder when Beyoncé realized she was pregnant … obviously it wasn’t a week ago.”

Congrats to the couple? You can bet we’ll be watching this closely!