Jay Z Is Lying About His Age, Claims One (Questionable) Source

Meghan Blalock

It seems like every few months or so, someone comes forward with another ridiculous rumor about either Beyoncé or Jay Z (or sometimes, about the both of them). This time, someone is alleging that contrary to his assertion that he’s 44 years old, Jay Z is actually 50.

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 Troi Torain, a radio show host and pop culture blogger who is commonly known amongst his fans as simply “Star,” told a caller who phoned in to his radio show “Star: Live and Direct”  the following: “I shouldn’t blow this up, maybe because he doesn’t promote it publicly, but Jay-Z and I are the same age. I will be 50 on May 3. He’s 43, 42… that’s just media bullsh-t!”

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The one thing Torain didn’t explain, however, is just how he knows that he and Jay are the same age. It’s highly likely that he’s making this all up, but in the event that he’s telling the truth, that would make Hova a full 18 years older than wife Beyoncé. However, there’s also a rumor that Bey is lying about her age, and that she’s 35, not 32. In that case, the age gap wouldn’t be so bad.

Our main query: Who cares? They’re still one of the most powerful and awesome couples out there, regardless of age or youth.

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