Jason’s Ex Just Seemingly Shaded Olivia After Claims She’s ‘Feeding Off’ of Harry’s ‘Fame’

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Adding something that’s not dressing. Jason Sudeikis’ ex-girlfriend Keeley Hazell just shaded Olivia Wilde. The Ted Lasso star posted a cryptic Instagram story that was eerily similar to the Don’t Worry Darling’s director’s Instagram story from a couple days ago.

In an Instagram story on October 20, 2022, Keeley shared a picture of a page from the book Heartburn by Nora Ephron. In the story, she underlined the line in pencil, “Vera said: ‘Why do you feel you have to turn everything into a story?’” She posted another story, “So I told her why: Because if I tell the story, I control the version,” the model’s post continued. “Because if I tell the story, I can make you laugh, and I would rather have you laugh at me than feel sorry for me. Because if I tell the story, it doesn’t hurt as much. Because if I tell the story, I can get on with it.” Olivia posted a picture of the same page of the book that Keeley did with the salad recipe that reportedly was the final straw in her split with Jason Sudeikis.

According to an interview with Daily Mail, the anonymous nanny recalled the night that things ended between Jason and Olivia. “On the Monday morning [of] Nov. 9, when I came back from a weekend off, [Jason] was crying a lot, crying and crying. I didn’t know what had happened at all,” the nanny claimed. “After I’d got the kids ready, Jason came upstairs and was having some coffee. He was crying and a mess, saying, ‘She left us. She left us!’” The nanny also alleged that Jason banned the staff from listening to Harry’s music.

Screen Shot 2022 10 22 at 11.15.01 AM Jason’s Ex Just Seemingly Shaded Olivia After Claims She’s ‘Feeding Off’ of Harry’s ‘Fame’

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Things reached a breaking point when Olivia left the house with a salad with her “special dressing” to give to the “As It Was” singer. “The night she left with her salad, Jason had chased after her, videotaping her in the house,” she recalled. “She was saying: ‘I’m scared of you, Jason, I’m scared of you.’ And he said: ‘If you’re scared of me, why are you leaving your kids with me? So then, Jason went outside and lay under her car so she wouldn’t leave. She got in her car to back up, he lay under her car so she wouldn’t leave.” The nanny continued, “He said he was doing it on purpose to make her late going to see Harry.” It was the last straw for the SNL alum. “Out of everything, he was like, ‘She made her special salad dressing and took it to him.’”

The nanny continued, “She didn’t think Jason made her look that good I guess. Even now with Harry, I really believe she’s feeding off his fame to be relevant. She wasn’t really that great as an actress or director. Jason called her mediocre. It’s kind of like, OK, now she’s in the spotlight and Jason always said she wanted the spotlight.” The nanny further said that “now [Olivia] gets the spotlight because of Harry’s fame,” and that Jason said that Olivia “was very concerned what people would think” about her relationships.

Screen Shot 2022 10 22 at 11.15.12 AM Jason’s Ex Just Seemingly Shaded Olivia After Claims She’s ‘Feeding Off’ of Harry’s ‘Fame’

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While on stage presenting Don’t Worry Darling in front of 3,000 audience members at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on April 27, 2022, Olivia was interrupted by a woman to give her a manila envelope labeled “Personal and Confidential.” “This is for me?” Olivia questioned, commenting about how the envelope was “very mysterious” before telling the crowd that she was “going to open it now because it feels like it’s a script.” When she opened the envelope and saw they were custody papers from Jason, Olivia put the papers back in the envelope and said, “OK, got it. Thank you.” She continued her presentation on Don’t Worry Darling and didn’t talk about the envelope again.

In court documents obtained by Us Weekly on August 10, 2022, Jason wrote: “I did not want service to take place at the home of Olivia’s current partner because Otis and Daisy might be present,” referring to Harry. “I did not want service to take place at the children’s school because parents might be present.” Jason then apologized to Olivia for ruining her talk. “I understand that the process server had only done her job; however, I deeply regret what happened,” he said. “Olivia’s talk was an important event for Olivia, both professionally and personally, and I am very, very sorry that the incident marred her special moment.”

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