Jasmine Tookes Made Your Favorite Fourth Grade Accessory Cool Again

Lindsey Lanquist
Jasmine Tookes Made Your Favorite Fourth Grade Accessory Cool Again
Photo: Pierre Suu/GC Images.

Few things parallel the sheer resourcefulness of an elementary schooler who wants to play dress up. Kindergarteners craft dandelion crowns at recess, second graders cover their nails in Sharpie during class and fourth graders weave paper clips together to create chokers when they should be doing their homework. Flower crowns already got their revival, and I think it’s safe to say Sharpie nail polish never will. (Who needs Sharpie when you have OPI?) But paper clip necklaces, well, they’ve fallen out of the zeitgeist—until now.

Last night, Jasmine Tookes took to Instagram to share a photo of the ensemble she’d worn the night before: a glittery gold mini dress, metallic pumps and—you guessed it—a paper clip choker.

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OK, so Tookes’ necklace isn’t actually a paper clip choker. It’s an $86,800 necklace from Messika Paris‘ recent Move Addiction collection (designed by the one and only Gigi Hadid). But it—and much of the other jewelry in the line—looks pretty damn paper clip-inspired.

The Move Addiction colliers resemble chains with paper clips dangling from them, the Move High Jewelry Addiction chokers (which Tookes is wearing) look like lengthy strands of paper clips wrapped around themselves a few times, and the Move High Jewelry Addiction three-row necklaces look like a few long strands attached strategically to create a layered, statement-making look.

And those are just the necklaces. The rings, bracelets and earrings feature similar motifs.

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Honestly, I think Gigi Hadid and Messika Paris are onto something. There’s a reason elementary schoolers are so apt to turn their paper clips into jewelry. OK, two reasons. The first: Paper clips are widely available in elementary school classrooms, and youths with a passion for fashion know how to make the most of their environments. The second: Paper clip jewelry looks cool. I don’t know if it looks cool enough to warrant a small fortune (that could otherwise serve as a down payment on a house), but it definitely looks cool.

Don’t expect to catch us dropping $86,000 on a choker any time soon. But do keep your eyes peeled for the paper clip choker revival. As Tookes leads the luxury crowd, we’ll spearhead the budget-friendly version of the movement.