Don’t Cry, But Jared Leto Cut Off All His Hair

jared leto cut hair

Photo: WENN

We’re calling today Man Hair Monday, because headlines have been dominating with news about, well, man hair. First, the world recoiled in horror after seeing photos of Shia LaBoeuf‘s weird braided rattail (seriously, Google it), and now Jared Leto announced his keratin-blessed head of beachy, ombré, cool-girl mane is no more.

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To become The Joker in the upcoming flick “Suicide Squad,” Leto apparently had to cut his hair (um, we’re pretty sure with today’s technology, they could have fashioned some sort of wig or latex cap, #butwhatever), and the film’s director David Ayer broke our hearts the news on Twitter today, posting a photo of Leto’s locks in ponytail with scissors about to hack it all off.

“Should we? #SuicideSquad,” he captioned the tweet.

Leto hasn’t posted any pics yet of his new look, but we are taking solace in the fact that we fell for him way before he decided to model his look after an off-duty model or a Coachella-obsessed blogger. As you’ll see below, Jordan Catalano had short hair, and it looked glorious.