January Jones’s Skin-Care Routine Includes a $2,300 LED Mask Every Day

January Jones
Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.

There’s drugstore. There’s affordable. And then there’s January Jones. The 40-year-old actor took to her Instagram last week to reveal her skin-care routine—starting with a $2,300 LED mask for 20 minutes every day.

For “immediate results,” the Mad Men star takes 20 minutes each to use an LED mask from Deesse Pro, which promises to make the skin look clearer and more vibrant with low-level light therapy. Jones even shared a Michael Meyers-like Instagram of the mask on her face. “[The] results are immediate,” Jones wrote in her caption.

Other expensive products that Jones uses in her routine are Augustinus Bader‘s The Cream ($265), which she uses as a nighttime cream, iS Clinical’s GeneXC serum ($170), which is one of five over $100 serums she uses daily, and Sisley-Paris’s Supremÿa Night Cream ($795), which Jones has her name engraved on.

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Despite an extensive nighttime routine, Jones’s mornings are pretty low-key. To not wash off the creams and serums she put on the night before, Jones doesn’t wash her face in the morning, aside from a spritz of rose water. “I only wash my face at night, in the morning I splash water or spray rose water so I don’t lose the previous night’s moisture,” she wrote.

All in all. Jones’s skin-care routine costs a whopping $5,677. But hey, like she said, it’s not for the “faint or heart”—nor faint of wallet. “Here is a detailed account of my current skincare regime. It’s not for the faint of heart but it’s something I love to do,” Jones wrote. “It’s my favorite self care indulgence and I find it very meditative to do masks and I am always trying new products.

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Check out Jones’s full skin-care routine in her Instagram below.