Confirmed! Janet Jackson Pregnant with Her First Child

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05/04/2016: A source has confirmed to “Entertainment Tonight” that Janet Jackson is pregnant with her first child, just weeks ahead of her 50th birthday and a few days before Mother’s Day. Jackson cancelled her “Unbreakable” tour on April 6, telling her fans that she is taking time out to start a family and instantly sparked speculation that she’s expecting a baby. Hopefully the rumors are true, and we’ll receive confirmation from Jackson soon.

04/06/2016: Early Wednesday, Janet Jackson announced on Twitter that she’s putting the brakes on her “Unbreakable” tour, saying she and her husband are planning a family and that she’s under doctor’s orders to rest.

The 49-year-old revealed the news in a minute-and-a-half video, not saying she was pregnant but that there’s been a “sudden change” to the second leg of her tour, which started in August.

“We’re in the second leg of the tour, and there actually has been a sudden change,” Jackson said. “I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour. Please, if you can, try to understand that it’s important that I do this now. I have to rest up; doctor’s orders. But I have not forgotten about you.”

Jackson tied the knot with Wissam Al Mana in 2012—her third marriage—and has no children. She initially delayed the tour in December to undergo surgery but didn’t elaborate. She later clarified that, despite rumors, she didn’t have cancer. Naturally, Twitter detectives are currently playing doctor and speculating that perhaps the postponement was due to a reproductive procedure like IVF.

It’s hard not to be happy for Jackson, but it’s only a matter of time before opinion pieces pervade the Web about the benefits and restrictions of having children—even adopting them—at age 50. Still, if the comments on Twitter are any indication, her fans not only understand why she plans to halt the tour but wish her nothing but the best. #Same.