Jamie Lynn Slams Britney For ‘Threatening’ Her With a Cease & Desist After Saying She Should’ve Been ‘Slapped’

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears
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Judging by Jamie Lynn Spears’ response to Britney Spears’ cease and desist letter, things are beginning to get even uglier between these feuding sisters. The Netflix star’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, just sent a letter to Britney’s legal team dismissing their claims about Jamie Lynn’s new book, Things I Should Have Said.

In the letter, which was obtained by TMZ and Page Six on January 19, 2022, Jamie Lynn’s lawyer hit back at Britney’s “disappointing” decision to issue a cease-and-desist letter despite her recent “vile statements” on social media about the Sweet Magnolias star. “As an initial matter, in your Letter you state that Britney is going to take the ‘high road.’ However, just today your client posted vile statements on social media concerning Jamie Lynn,” Freedman wrote, seemingly referencing Britney’s recent Instagram post where she wrote that she should’ve “slapped” her sister and mother Lynne Spears during a past incident.

Jamie Lynn’s lawyer went on to note that the Nickelodeon alum and her family have received repeated death threats as a result of this drama. “As you know from previous social media posts, Jamie Lynn has had her children violently threatened, and we have no doubt that these new intimidating and threatening social media posts will lead to similar threats of violence,” Freedman added. “To be clear, social media posts that include cyberbullying which cause death threats to Jamie Lynn and her family, is neither the ‘high road,’ nor anything that will be tolerated.”

The letter went on to note that Jamie Lynn is also a “member of the Spears family” who has “suffered through her own experiences and her own trauma,” before claiming that Britney’s legal team failed “to specify any legal wrongdoing whatsoever” in the cease-and-desist letter as far as Jamie Lynn’s book is concerned.

“Jamie Lynn hopes that there will no further postings or inflammatory letters being sent to the media,” the note continued. “Beyond telling the truth, and denying the allegations against her, as a mother, Jamie Lynn needs to protect her children and cannot continue to be subjected to death threats, and other postings insinuating physical violence against her and her family. Jamie Lynn supports Britney and as always, she hopes she can get the healing, peace, and freedom she rightfully deserves.”

Jamie Lynn’s response comes just one day after Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart—who represented her when Britney’s conservatorship was terminated in December 2021—issued a cease-and-desist letter on behalf of the pop star over her sister’s “defamatory” and “ill-timed” book, Things I Should Have Said.

“We write with some hesitation because the last thing Britney wants is to bring more attention to your ill-timed book and its misleading or outrageous claims about her,” the letter read. “Although Britney has not read and does not intend to read your book, she and millions of her fans were shocked to see how you have exploited her for monetary gain. She will not tolerate it, nor should she.”

Rosengart’s letter continued, “You of all people know the abuse and wrongdoing Britney had to endure during the conservatorship, after initially growing up with a ‘ruinous,’ alcoholic father. In fact, your own book reportedly states that your father ‘spent most of my life in that cycle of ruinous behavior. His bouts of drinking caused me periods of torment and sorrow.'”

The letter went on to suggest that Jamie Lynn’s book, along with recent claims amid her promotional tour, is “unlawful” and “defamatory” to Britney. “As I have previously stated, having endured a 13-year conservatorship that stripped her of civil rights and fundamental liberties, Britney will no longer be bullied by her father or anyone else,” Rosengart added. “Britney was the family’s breadwinner and she also otherwise supported you,” The letter continued. “Publicly airing false or fantastical grievances is wrong, especially when designed to sell books. It is also potentially unlawful and defamatory.”

Rosengart ended the letter by threatening Jamie Lynn with “legal action” if she doesn’t stop talking about Britney “derogatorily” in the press. “You recently reportedly stated that the book was ‘not about her.’ She takes you at your word and we, therefore, demand that you cease and desist from referencing Britney derogatorily during your promotional campaign,” the letter read. “If you fail to do so or defame her, Britney will be forced to consider and take all appropriate legal action.”

The cease-and-desist letter came just hours after Britney slammed Jamie Lynn in an Instagram post on January 18, 2022, where she claimed that she should’ve “slapped” her younger sister and her mother for how they treated her when she was younger. “My Mamma was on pain medication and could barely hold a conversation in the house because her and my dad split and she was more messed up than anything !!!!” Britney recalled. “I remember her sitting on the floor in a conversation and she never got up… and I’m sorry Jamie Lynn, I wasn’t strong enough to do what should have been done … slapped you and Mamma right across your fucking faces !!!!!”

The cease-and-desist letter also came after another Instagram post in which Britney called Jamie Lynn a “scum person” after a Nightline interview, in which the Zoey 101 star claimed that Britney once locked the two of them in a room together with a knife. “Jamie Lynn… congrats babe! You’ve stooped to a whole new level of LOW… I’ve never been around you ever with a knife or would I ever even think to do such!!!” Britney wrote. “The only knife I ever saw you with at home was cutting the biggest pieces of squash I ever saw in my life and it was way too big for me to cut… So please please stop with these crazy lies for the Hollywood books!!! NOW and only NOW do I know only a scum person would make up such things about someone….”

Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears is available on Amazon.

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