The Wait Is Over, Ladies: Here’s Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Meghan Blalock

After much ado about the casting of the film version of hit erotica book series “50 Shades of Grey” earlier this year, relative newbie Jamie Dornan was chosen as the lucky man to play Christian Grey, the series’ dominant lead character. Over the weekend, prying cameras caught Dornan in action as Grey for the first time, while on set filming in Vancouver. Here he is in all his Grey-ified glory, ladies.

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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Have A Tea Date on 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Photo: Fame FlyNet

The star, who we previously knew mainly from his role as the Count in 2006’s amazing Sofia Coppola re-make of “Marie Antoinette,” looks every bit as sexy as we expect, with a clean-shaven face and donning Grey’s trademark black-and-white suit. Across  from him, you might have guessed, is his co-star Dakota Johnson, who was cast to play Grey’s submissive counterpart, Ana Steele.

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The movie isn’t slated to come out until 2015, but in the meantime, it’s nice to get a thrilling little sneak peek into what we can expect, at least visually speaking. For a second choice—the actor initially cast to play Gray was Charlie Hunnam, who subsequently dropped out over all the film’s hype—Dornan looks fairly tasty.

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