5 Questions About James Franco’s Naked Instagram Selfie

Meghan Blalock

Okay guys, what’s going on with James Franco? He just managed to get over a giant media firestorm thanks to his creepy attempt  the fact that he attempted to proposition a 17-year-old girl over Instagram—and now he’s using that very same social media app to post a mostly-nude selfie.

Franco posted the shot last night, and (naturally) took it down not long after, but luckily screenshots exist and we’re still able to gawk at this. Check it out:

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We have so many questions about this. Read on to see if you can help us answer any of them; they are very pressing, and we simply cannot go on until we figure out what exactly is underway in this photograph.

1. Why is he so shiny?
It  seems to us that immediately before nabbing this shot in his bathroom, Franco rubbed himself down with a solid amount of body oil. It’s almost Rihanna-level sheen, but not quite.

2. Are those undies, or a low-hangin’ towel?
Because of the small swath of fabric that’s actually visible, we find ourselves questioning whether or not his hand is delicately placed above the waistband of his underwear, or a very questionably placed towel. We’re leaning toward the former, but one can never tell.

3. Why does James Franco have not one, not two, but three stickers on the back of his iPhone case?
And what are they of?

4. Is his bathroom painted slate, or mint green?
We’re always looking for some new design inspiration. 

5. Does James Franco really think his taking bathroom mirror selfies makes him comparable to one of the greatest Beat poets of all time, Allen Ginsberg?
We have a feeling he really does.

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