Links: James Franco’s Latest Crazy Video, Why Caftans Are Awesome, More

Meghan Blalock

james franco

1. James Franco seems to be more and more in the business of painting himself in the media as quite the interesting fellow. For his latest project, helmed by coffee brand Illy and cultural organization Liberatum, Franco dons a backward bath robe and paints a portrait during his lunch break on set. [YouTube]

2. Tired of hearing the media tell you to get your body bikini-ready? Get on board with the editors at The Cut, who created this amazing guide for getting your body caftan ready. [The Cut]

3. Watch this baby goat with a disability walk for the first time, and feel your heart melt into 1,000 pieces. [FastCo]

4. If you exfoliate on a regular basis, chances are you’re doing it wrong. Find out the right way! [Daily Makeover]

5. Watch Ryan Gosling be hot while answering questions about his directorial debut in Cannes. [YouTube]

6. Try the pastel hair trend right away (with no commitment) with these easy-to-use temporary dyes! [Beauty High]

7. Get ready for some major vacation porn: here are the 25 best outdoor pools in the world. [The Vivant]

8. Curious about what will be in the Alexander Wang for H&M collection? Here are 10 ideas! [Racked]