They’re at it Again: James Franco and Seth Rogen Mock KimYe’s Vogue Cover

You guys probably haven’t heard: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the cover the cover of Vogue! We know, it’s strange how the news didn’t get more press.

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Sarcasm aside, we had a sneaking suspicion that more than a few parodies would start to surface, and the first comes courtesy of semi-professional KimYe impersonators James Franco and Seth Rogen. Franco posted a photo to Instagram yesterday with their heads superimposed on the cover stars, with James taking over Kanye‘s body and Seth—simply lovely in Lanvin—posing as Kim.

“Seth! Love you, dog!” Franco captioned the snap.

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Franco and Rogen have made mocking KimYe something of a side-gig: You may recall their, uh, smoldering recreation of Kanye’s “Bound” video (the original starred a very topless Kim on a motorcycle.) The parody video racked up almost 8 million views on YouTube because—let’s face it—KimYe are ripe for the mocking in pretty much anything they do.

Take a look at funny photo below, and let us know: What stunt do you think James and Seth will pull in May after Kim and Kanye get hitched in Paris?

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