This Happened: James Franco and Seth Rogen Recreated KimYe’s Sexy ‘Bound’ Video

Meghan Blalock

Pun totally intended, this was bound to happen. And it only took a week! Funny men James Franco and Seth Rogen have recreated Kanye West’s video for “Bound,” which stars a very topless Kim Kardashian. Franco plays Kanye, and Seth plays Kim, and it is basically perfect.

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The two actors took on the spoof with the intention of re-creating Kanye’s video “shot for shot,” and they succeeded, down to a T. A few of our favorite aspects: Franco goes all out with the jaw-clenching, recreating Kanye’s “so in love I’m kind of angry about it” face. And Seth Rogen does a superb job of taking on Kim’s “so in love all I can do is make duck face and pout my eyes” look. The whole thing is just perfection.

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Watch the clip above, and hurry! It’s already been taken down from a couple places, and we were only able to find it on this random YouTube account. We fully believe that Kanye will bring a lawsuit down on these two soon, so enjoy this masterpiece while it lasts.

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