James Franco Makes Out With Himself On Video


Some people think James Franco is a d-bag with a bigger ego than he should have. He sounds like he says things for the sake of being quoted (didn’t he say he was a chronic masturbator?), released a novel that was kind of a dud, and rocks a ‘stache like it’s the ’80s and everyone still listens to Hall & Oates.

You might chalk it all up to typical actor eccentricity, but New York Times Magazine thinks otherwise Franco is one of 15 actors deemed to have defined cinema in 2010, alongside Black Swan‘s Natalie Portman and The Social Networks Jesse Eisenberg. NYT Magazine asked each actor to portray a classic screen type as part of a video gallery of “14 Actors Acting,” and for his, Franco proceeded to flirt and make out with himself. With a liiiiittle bit of tongue. But wouldn’t you make out with yourself if you were raking in Oscar buzz for sawing your arm off in a movie? For ladies that like this sort of thing… you’re welcome.