A Cure for James Corden Fatigue: This Sharon Stone Rap Video

Just when I thought I might be coming down with a mild case of James Corden fatigue—keeping up with Fallon is hard, I know, but do we really need, like, eight “Carpool Karaoke” videos a week?—he goes and taps my personal queen for a hip-hop sketch.

I’m referring to one Sharon Stone, of whom I’ve publicly sung the praises (and once spoke on the phone with as a result of those praises) who joined the late-night host in a rap video about why you should want to date her.

Wearing and doing things that aren’t really out of the realm for the actress—tight black dress, giant white fur, champagne—Stone writhes around the late-night host and growls “Sharon Stone, bitch” when Corden bellows, “What’s her name, what’s her name?”

Never mind that the 58-year-old looks a teeny-tiny bit awkward in this particular situation—she’s trying to get herself a date, and we’ve all gone to weird places for the same exact reason.