James Boyce Collection by Voluspa Candles in Sommelier


Object Of Desire

James Boyce Collection by Voluspa Candles Sommelier, $29, at b-glowing.com

Reason #1

Reminiscent of red wine, Sommelier (scented with fig, anise, and a rich ruby port), is made to compliment the food in your kitchen while you’re cooking as well as to accompany your favorite dishes, as would a glass of your favorite red.

Reason #2

Created by fragrance designer and co-founder of Voluspa, Traci Arntsen, and five star professional chef James Boyce, this new collection of organic candles is the perfect juxtaposition of Boyce’s California cuisine, classic French gastronomy, and Arntsen’s award-winning fragrance design.

Reason #3

Made from a new proprietary organic wax derived from the seeds of organic apricots, protected with a recyclable paper wrap, and tucked inside a reusable wine-cask inspired box made from sustainable Palownia wood, you will know that your purchase is not only gorgeously packaged, but also eco-friendly as well.