Jameela Jamil Won’t Let NBC Photoshop Her ‘Good Place’ Promo Pictures & We Stan

Aramide Tinubu
Jameela Jamil
Photo: Shutterstock. Design: Ashley Britton/STYLECASTER.

A body positive queen! Jameela Jamil revealed that NBC won’t photoshop her photos from the Good Place Season 4 promos, and we are living for it. Jamil has been vocal about images of women in the media, particularly when they are harmful, showcase unrealistic standards of beauty or push impressionable young people into self-harm. Brilliant and outspoken, Jamil has confronted celebs like Cardi B, the KarJenners and Amber Rose for their promotion of things like tea detoxes.

Though Jamil can certainly get passionate about her beliefs, when calling out people like Kim Kardashian about her upcoming body-makeup line, the actress doesn’t want to come off as judgy. Instead, her mission is to show women and girls that there is nothing wrong with their any lines, marks or bumps they might have on their bodies.

Currently, Jamiel is in pre-production for the fourth and final season of the NBC hit, The Good Place. During an Instagram takeover for BlogHer–the actress, who plays aloof socialite Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place revealed that she’s convinced NBC not to retouch her promo photos for the series. Since Hollywood has a history of photoshopping women to the most “perfect” versions of themselves, this was no small feat for the London native. Jamiel revealed

I just managed to get NBC to agree to not airbrush my promo photos which was really cool because normally, those photos get heavily airbrushed. I just don’t want to see that on myself, and I don’t want other people who follow me to see some sort of AI perfect imagery of me.

Jamiel partnered with BlogHer for their female positive advertising campaign. The campaign works to push for more responsible advertising towards women that does not shame women into buying certain products–or push women towards feeling like they “need” to purchase an item versus simply being inspired to buy it.

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