Jam of The Week: Watch Summer Camp’s New Video, “Always”

Gianna Marx

screen shot 2012 06 27 at 10 16 10 am Jam of The Week: Watch Summer Camps New Video, Always

Frolicking on the boardwalk, a trip to the arcade, miniature golf, a day at the beach … these activities all make for the perfect date. Now, put them all together and add great food, crafts (you know we love us some DIY), and a road trip through the countryside. Sounds like the perfect couples summer adventure, right?

Think again. In Summer Camp‘s new video for the track “Always,” the indie pop duo of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey take you on their twisted version of a romantic summer getaway. Complete with kidnapping à la Vogue Italia and murder, these two carefree fugitives bring a new meaning to the notion of everlasting love.

Thanks to the unique vision of director Oliver Evans, this potentially sweet clip takes a dark turn, following a young couple on an adventure-filled road trip in this old-school horror movie meets romantic getaway. The hauntingly upbeat track gives the phrase “we will always be together” a slightly menacing undertone. Definitely not your typical music video, this clip from the quirky duo perfectly complements the cheery sound and darker lyrics that are typical of the band.

Check out the video below — but be warned — it is not for the faint of heart.