Jump back to the 1990s with StyleCaster's Jam of the Week, "NE1BUTU" by Scuba.

Jam of the Week: Break Out Your ’90s Duds For Scuba’s “NE1BUTU”

Gianna Marx

screen shot 2012 06 26 at 1 37 15 pm Jam of the Week: Break Out Your 90s Duds For Scubas NE1BUTU

Forget about those maxi skirts and statement necklaces, and break out your crop tops and scrunchies because its time for Scuba to take you straight back to the glorious ’90s.

In the greatest and latest ’90s revival music video ever, Scuba brings back the neon-streaked party vibe of the decade with the track “NE1BUTU” (which we figured is pronounced “anyone but you”). From the hammer pants and the Mickey Mouse sweaters, to the crazy graphics and ridiculous dance moves, every ’90s trend is there in full view.

And let’s face it, we all wish we could rock these fads again every once in a while.

It’s obvious Scuba had a lot of fun with this video, and it’s impossible to watch without wanting to join in. Relive the glory days of slap bracelets and crimped hair with this infectious track and its explosion of ’90s goodness. As soon as the VCR static disappears and the dance party begins, prepare to be transported back to the days when Clarissa explained it all and it was worth waking up early on Saturday mornings just for the cartoons.

Join us in celebrating this too-cool-for-school decade and check out our jam of the week down below.


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