Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon Split (Plus 10 Signs It’s Over)


Finally! After two blissful (or maybe not so blissful) years, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are calling it quits. The breakup was reported to be on mutual terms. We’ve been hearing rumors and crossing our fingers since November that the incredibly handsome Gyllenhaal would be an eligible bachelor once more. After watching him recently in Brothers up close on the silver screen with the gorgeous Natalie Portman, who could resist?

So what does this have to do with you, you ask? Well, if you’re in a relationship that might be headed towards rocky territory then it has everything to do with you… Here are 10 signs that it’s over and it’s time to move on.


1. Jake Gyllenhaal is SINGLE!
If this is at all tempting you, and your eyes are constantly wandering elsewhere anyway, then clearly you’ve lost interest in your significant other. It’s time to say goodbye!

2. You’re moving in two veryseparatedirections…
You and your lover are not connecting anymore. You want one thing out of life (or at least the current moment) and they want another, making you forget why you’re even together in the first place. If you can’t relate, then that means it’s over–move on pronto!

3. There’s no future…
If you’ve thought long and hard about it and all signs are pointing to “no,” then you’re wasting your time. You may share different beliefs or have different goals; either way, it’s time to let go.

4. There’s no real commitment…
Do you find yourself skipping out on your relationship to do things that you feel are more important? Well, that means your significant other is no longer (or never was) a priority. Don’t let the person bog you down; simply just eliminate them from your list of things to do.

Could you be a commitment-phobe?

5. It’s really just turning into a glorified booty call…
A person you don’t spend quality time with unless it’s between the sheets does not qualify as a boyfriend/girlfriend.

6. You still can’t tell your friends who you’re seeing…
When your friends ask you if he/she is your boyfriend/girlfriend and you still can’t seem to give a straight answer, there’s a serious problem. Either, a) you’re embarrassed even though the title is clear between the two of you or b) you’ve never had the conversation even though it’s been several months. If this is the case–it won’t be hard to move on.

7. They cheated…
Your significant other cheated, you found out, they begged for forgiveness, and you took them back. Ugh, NO! This is not okay, because once a cheater, always a cheater and there are no exceptions…Okay, well there are some exceptions–read about this issue here.

8. What boyfriend/girlfriend?
If you can go a week without seeing your significant other because you’re enthralled in your own busy schedule, then this is a clear sign that you’re just not that into them. You’ll be fine without them, so do the deed and get it over with.

9. One person’s feelings are stronger than the other…
Sometimes one person will fall head over heels in love and the other…not so much. If thisappliesto you or your significant other then it’s just a tragedy in the making.Unrequitedlove sucks, so do yourself a favor and end things now before it’s too late.

10. You’re unhappy…
If you feel unhappy on a daily basis and are in a relationship, but can’t quite figure out why you feel this way, take a second to think. If you could eliminate aburden in your life what would it be? If the only thing you can think of is your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it’s time to make them an ex.

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