Jaime King’s Winter Jumpsuit Is the Cold-Weather Essential We Didn’t Know We Needed

Maggie Griswold
Jaime King’s Winter Jumpsuit Is the Cold-Weather Essential We Didn’t Know We Needed
Photo: Ashley Britton

Winter jumpsuits are shaping up to be an incredibly cute trend right now, and Jaime King just proved it. On Jan 25, the actress joined Alyssa Milano and SheMedia CEO Samantha Skey at the BlogHer Health conference looking fierce AF. Jaime King stunned in a winter jumpsuit, and we’re officially hopping on the winter jumpsuit bandwagon. (OK, we already had. But we’re hopping on it more aggressively now!)

King’s Rachel Zoe jumpsuit was the perfect shade of navy—not so dark you accidentally mistake it for black when you’re getting dressed in the morning and you don’t realize it until you’re already at the office. (What? Like that’s never happened to you.) Plus, the neckline was so cute and professional, making it the perfect look for speaking at the #BlogHerHealth19 conference—or any conference, really. The jumpsuit was also belted, cinching King’s waist perfectly, adding shape to the gorgeous one-piece. We’re taking office-wear tips from Jaime King and Jaime King only from now on.

If you’re like us and want to steal Jaime King’s conference boss look ASAP, you can find similar winter jumpsuits on the Rachel Zoe site. Seriously, we’re about to stock up for every single future event we plan to attend—and probably then some more, just because winter jumpsuits are so damn cute.

In addition to inspiring us with her amazing outfit, Jaime King reminded us why sisterhood is so important. During BlogHer Health’s Platform For Good panel, King discussed how she fought through bullying to become an advocate for and lover of women: “My whole life I always wanted to be loved by other women. But the truth is, I was bullied and I never know how to fit into this world. There’s something that clicked when I got older. There’s something about women that I love so much, I don’t want to hold anything back from that.”

Amazing style and emotional intelligence? Jaime King, you’re our new hero.