A ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Broadway Musical Is Happening! Here’s Everything You Oughta Know

Meghan Blalock

In the most official sign that the ’90s are back in a huge way, Alanis Morissette is brining her 1995 album “Jagged Little Pill”—which, by the way folks, is the best selling album of the decade and has sold 33 million copies to date—to the Broadway stage. Morissette is working with famed Broadway arranger, Tony and Pulitzer winner Tom Kitt, to bring a version of the album on New York’s Great White Way, and it’s set to debut in workshop form next year.

alanis morissette jagged little pill

Things you oughta know: Yes, the show is set to include all 13 tracks that featured on the original LP, plus a few other songs from Alanis’ fairly extensive catalog of tracks and some brand new, original tunes she’s going to craft just for the production. Broadway veteran Vivek J. Tiwary will produce the musical with Arvind Ethan David.

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“I look forward to taking the heart of ‘Jagged Little Pill’ and expanding its story, fleshing it out into ever deeper layers of emotionality, specificity, humanity, power, physicality, spirit, and fabulism,” Morissette told Rolling Stone of the production. “I look forward to collaborating with Vivek and Tom and our whole inspiring team to create something greater than the sum of our parts.”

“Fabulism,” defined as a quality of magical realism, seems to precisely sum up our feelings at receiving this splendid news. A few questions we have:

Will Alanis, herself, be the star of the show? We can’t think of anyone else who could carry off every single song from her record-making debut album.

Will Dave Coulier come see it? The album’s angry tilt is largely attributed to the breakup Alanis went through with her (very) unlikely boyfriend, “Full House” goofball Dave Coulier.

Will the record’s secret track, “Your House,” appear in the show? It’s one of our personal favorites, and one of the widely considered best songs on the album. We really hope it’ll be featured.

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