Jackson’s Last Rehearsal Possible DVD Release


Before Michael Jackson passed away this past Thursday, Jackson was rehearsing for his upcoming O2 Arena tour, “This is It” in London. Starting on July 13th, Jackson’s performance would run for 50 nights allowing more than 750,000 audience members bask in the musical glory of The King of Pop.

In the wake of Jackson’s death, the owners of the O2 Arena, AEG, will be refunding the total costs of tickets (approximately $85 Million) as well as losing the estimated $115 million they stood to gross from the ticket sales, merchandising, and food concessions.

The Daily News now reports that the taped rehearsal from June 24th– the night before Jackson passed on– may be released on DVD. The hours long rehearsal was an extreme production featuring not only dancers but aerial performances. Further details however are being organized by the Jackson family, AEG, and Ticketmaster.