Jackie Collins New Release Reveals Robert Pattinson Insights



Never doubt the instincts of a multi-million-making, bestselling author. Over the decades, Jackie Collins has dated Hollywood honchos like Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando…no wonder that even before Robert Pattinson was big, Jackie Collins knew the world would worship him. In an interview for her new book Poor Little Bitch Girl, Collins reveals her own Robert Pattinson obsession.

In an interview for TheWrap.com, Jackie Collins indicates that she sometimes writes her character based on cultural trends, because, as Collins says, “I’m actually a popular culture junkie.” Read these clips from Jackie Collins’ interview to see how she incorporated Robert Pattinson into her new release:

The Wrap: Most of your characters are under 30. How do you keep current?

Jackie Collins:
I’m actually a popular culture junkie. I love keeping up on things on the internet, reading all the fabulous stuff that goes on … I like to be able to mention things before they actually happen. For instance, I mention Robert Pattinson. When I wrote the book he wasn’t as big as he is today, but I knew he would be. I just had this feeling.

The Wrap: [For a short] time you had a brief affair with Marlon Brando?

Jackie Collins: Yes, he was my favorite movie star, and I was actually 16. I met him at a party and it was all bets are off because I was a very street smart 16 and what are you going to do when you come face-to-face with your favorite movie star and you’ve seen The Wild One 10 times?

The Wrap: That’s the fantasy of every woman of your generation and half the men!

Jackie Collins: Well yes, I think any 16-year-old today who came across Robert Pattinson would do the same thing!

The Wrap:
How’d he measure up?

Jackie Collins: Oh honey, he lived up.

Well Robert Pattinson does too! We even heard that he may be working on a record deal with Simon Cowell.

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre.

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