Jacket Trends 2023: Colorful Leather & Crazy Textures Are Taking Over

Jacket Trends 2023: Colorful Leather & Crazy Textures Are Taking Over
Photo: Diesel, Versace, Bottega Veneta; iMaxTree.

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Some people like to think it’s what’s on the inside that counts—and while that may be true for a book, boyfriend or bra purchase, it certainly doesn’t apply to outerwear. The jacket you choose to wear needs to make an impression because for at least four months out of the year, that’s the first (and sometimes the only) thing people will see. Here’s the good news: the jacket trends for 2023 will ensure that you’re memorable because they are just that. Colorful leather, unique textures, patterns and prints are just a few of the staple outerwear looks that graced the 2023 runways. 

In order to pick the perfect jacket you must first prioritize your personal criteria. Do you want a jacket that will easily layer over everything or is the jacket itself the star of the outfit? Should the material keep you exceptionally warm or light enough to wear indoors? Neutral tones or color? If you’re like me, you’ll want one of each and will end up having to store your faux-fur in your suitcases to free up some closet space. 

I’m going to need to find a section storage solution based on the 2023 jacket trends. I’m loving the untraditional textured jackets that designers like Bottega Veneta and Versace included in their spring/summer ‘23 collections–the style is the ultimate combination of fun and functional. For something a little more low-key, I’ll be buying a bomber jacket like the ones shown at Chloé ASAP. If you need inspiration on how to effortlessly style a bomber jacket, Kendall Jenner kicked the trend off last season at Paris Fashion Week with a street-style look. 

Keep reading for every outerwear trend you’ll want to literally embody for 2023. 

STYLECASTER | Jacket Trends 2023

Valiant Studio, Versace, Saint Laurent; iMaxTree.

The Long Black Leather Trench

The long black leather trench is about to have a moment—*cue Matrix reference. The grungy jacket style was arguably the most popular look that designers in Milan, Paris, London, and New York included in their collections. Remember when everyone bought a leather blazer last year? Well, this is the upgraded version of that. Now you won’t have to decide between your leather blazer and a classic trench because this jacket is a hybrid of both. For an everyday option, look to Versace’s knee-length leather jacket for inspiration—it has a similar lapel to a blazer which makes the style ideal for the office too. If you can’t help but love a little drama the structured shoulders and long lines makes Saint Laurent’s leather trench the silhouette for you.

STYLECASTER | Jacket Trends 2023

Christopher Kane, Prada, Dior; iMaxTree.

The Vintage-Inspired Sleeper Robe

Ok vintage lovers, you’re going to love this trend: sleeper robes. Though this piece once served the purpose of making Victorian-era sleepwear a little more modest, sheer robes are now one of the sexiest outerwear trends on the market. Plus, if Dior and Prada featured sleepwear as outerwear, you know it’s about to be a big trend. If you’ve shopped vintage you’ve probably come across these jackets in soft pastel shades with ruffle or floral detailing. Based on the runway shows, designers took inspiration right from the originals but added a little more structure to the pieces. So what does one wear with a sleeper robe? You can hit copy and paste from the Dior show and pair it with a matching sleeper set (just add kitten heels or loafers for daytime). I personally also love styling a long robe with jeans and heels for an unexpected city look.

STYLECASTER | Jacket Trends 2023

Diesel, Versace, Bottega Veneta; iMaxTree.

The Textured Statement Piece

Go big or go home? No! Go big and go Bottega! Oversized jackets with unusual textures were the standout stars of fashion week. Bottega Veneta, Versace and Diesel were just a few of the designers that created a tinsel look on the runway. The material gives the same structure as a fur jacket without any actual fur (or faux fur) material. Plus, they come in so many fun colors. This is definitely the type of jacket that will turn heads and the compliments will be well worth the investment. It won’t matter much about what you wear underneath!

STYLECASTER | Jacket Trends 2023

Acne Studios, Baum un Pfdergarten, Coach; iMaxTree.

The Saturated Leather Jacket

Some things are simply better in color and we’re all about to find out if that rings true when it comes to leather jackets. The days of a black leather jacket being the go-to in your closet may be coming to an end because colorful leather jackets will be hitting the shelves. When I say colorful leather, I’m not talking about a hot pink plastic Barbiecore-style jacket that you’d find at Forever21. No, the colorful leather I’m eyeing this year looks like the deep jewel-toned hues Coach created or the subtle and soft pink designed at Acne Studios. A colorful leather jacket should look rich in tone and texture, just like a black one would. Also similarly to your black leather jacket, you’ll want to wear this one over turtlenecks, hoodies, and going-out tops throughout the entire year.

STYLECASTER | Jacket Trends 2023

Paco Rabanne, Dior, Eenk; iMaxTree.

The Patterned Trench

You’re probably familiar with the classic tan trench coat as a quintessential staple of Parisian style—at least, according to Pinterest. This year, it’s time to take the classic piece you love and add a patterned twist! The patterned trench is officially Parisian-approved because French brands like Dior included them in their spring/summer ’23 shows. From newspaper print to tie-dye, there’s no one way to wear a patterned trench so pick a print that shows off your personality and run with it.

STYLECASTER | Jacket Trends 2023

Valiant Studio, Chloé, Baum un Pfdergarten; iMaxTree.

The Bomber Jacket

The trench coat may be getting a makeover but the bomber jacket is getting a revival. The aviation jacket is soaring back into sporty style with a few different versions leading the way. From Chloé, we have a more delicate stitched jacket that looks perfect for a boho ride on a motorcycle through Malibu canyon. From Vaillant studio, we have a classic bomber to accompany you on all of your travels—if pilots are wearing them, you can too! And finally, from Baum und Pferdgarten we have a bright and colorful bomber—a continuation of the saturated leather jacket trend.

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