This Phone Case Lets You Enjoy Your Personal Space Once Again

Rachel Adler


You know when you’re crammed into a crowded space – think subway car, concert, or bar – and you can actually feel an unwanted stranger’s breath on you, but it’s a little on the rude side to tell them to stop breathing? Well, we’ve found the perfect phone case for just that situation. Jac Vanek, known for her sassy sayings on everything from makeup bags to coffee mugs, has created the above iPhone case ($29) to tell everyone to get out of your personal bubble.

While we know of course that these witty phrases are nothing new on phones – or on anything else for that matter – it always takes hours of searching the Interwebs to find one that speaks to you. Since unfortunately we’ve all been held hostage by one too many cases of a stranger’s B.O., this one speaks to pretty much everyone.

So, take a stand, and take back your personal hula hoop – yes, that’s what our 5th grade teachers told us was the proper amount of space between each person – without even saying a word.

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