J.Lo in Jil


If love don’t cost a thing, then how else can we afford to look as saucy as Jennifer Lopez in Jil Sander in the September InStyle issue?

Forget the fact she hasn’t acted since, oh, our senior prom, or that the last time we heard her sing she was On the 6. Don’t ponder if Jenny lost the block. (The puns will stop soon, we promise.) For some reason Lopez landed the most important issue of the fashion year donning a pretty sick Sander dress with the must-have-item-if-you-have-super-long-legs; over-the-knee boots. The cover looks a little Dancing with the Stars to us, but that might just be the Shall We Dance flashbacks.

Regardless of our confusion about her career (or what she could possibly say in the article), it’s hard to deny that the mama looks hot. And although hardly any of us can close to afford Sanders (because of necessities, like coffee and shelter), you can always tweet us @scstylist for style advice!