J.Crew Collection Spring 2011: Laid-Back Luxury

J.Crew Collection Spring 2011: Laid-Back Luxury
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I have to give props to J.Crew for staying true to its original image season after season and still managing to churn out collections that are unexpectedly refreshing. I love that I can walk in to the store and see a classic, black cashmere turtleneck on one mannequin and turn to find a pair of flashy yellow silk ruffled shorts on another. Advancing this charming approach to casual chic to the next level of dreamy design, J.Crew offers its ‘Collection’ line.

True to form, J.Crew masterfully mixes a dash of delicate femininity in with a rugged tomboy aesthetic in its Spring 2011 Collection Lookbook. Satin-strapped heels in muted, earthy pastels peek out below perfectly tailored, suede motorcycle pants. Glittering sequins glamorize the stolen-from-your-boyfriend’s-closet chinos. A softly flowing evening gown looks effortlessly casual when accompanied by flat sandals and a slouchy cashmere sweater. Whatever your personal preference, J.Crew’s Spring 2011 Collection addresses your craving for the rebellion of rule-breaking trends without the typical downside of an end-of-the-season expiration date. Needless to say, I have already gone a little click-happy and saved pretty much every piece to my Rightcliq Wishpace…