J.Crew Bridal – One Girl’s Day In The Boutique

Kerry Pieri
J.Crew Bridal – One Girl’s Day In The Boutique
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J.Crew has become a fashion force that no one could have expected when the store was trafficking in preppy wares for the teens of New England in the ’90s. Obviously that image is nothing but a memory, replaced with a religiously on-brand message that looks something like a perfect tweed blazer paired with a breton striped shirt, fitted yet slouchy khakis and a statement necklace to die for.

That same mix of prep meets luxe meets glam is what I encountered when I went to try on my very first bridal gowns at J.Crew’s newest boutique dedicated to brides to be nestled on a tree lined block of Madison Avenue, and not unlike Galerie Jean Desert, the small Parisian shop that inspired it. Think large and small rooms, totally elegant and refined design and a bridal specialist dedicated to all things bride. Get the whole story about my day at J.Crew bridal in the slide show diary above.

Not in NYC? Experience it all on the J.Crew Bridal website too.

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Starting not entirely at the beginning – this room in the downstairs of the boutique holds all the gowns of J.Crew wedded dreams.

Not exactly a born-bride, I've been engaged for two months and this is my first step towards actually having a wedding.

So J.Crew; their styling is totally unique and cool.

My mom is on hand to take pics. Hi Linda!

Another of those delightfully styled mannequins.

J.Crew Bridal has a ton of vintage and new pieces to get your own styling on, including Miriam Haskell pieces and Fenton Fallon for J.Crew.

Essie and Bobbi Brown are also on display for your beauty look. But I can't even think about that yet.

The path downstairs is filled with empty frames that will one day hold your expensive wedding pics!

Onto the point of the mission – dresses, dresses, dresses.

They have bridesmaids dresses too, but ser, don't overwhelm me!

My specialist Marcey with Lydia who is also on hand to help, in my very own dedicated-to-Kerry suite. For a little while anyway...

The first dress I'm trying is The Streamer Gown ($1800), a fun, flirty layered, ruffled piece.

As J.Crew does so well, Marcey accessorized it for me with this super pretty crystal belt.

Posing! It's super pretty and totally unique, but is it the look I'm going for?

Next is the tulipe bustier gown ($1800). I also tried on the princepessa gown, which is very pretty on the hanger, but looked bad on me, so you can't see it!

Carrie Bradshaw flower and Miriam Haskell brooch.

Or cinch it!

Close up of the tulipe bustier gown. I like the sweetheart neckline, but it has perhaps a bit too much volume for my 5'2" frame.

Here we have the silk chiffon savoire gown ($850).

I'm digging the back button detail and the vertical lengthening pleats.

...but the top just isn't moi.

Last is the closest to my vision – the goddess gown. It lays so beautifully and comes in at $475.

I mean seriously? So stunning for that price. Here it's spiced up with some brooch action.

One last shot. It's definitely in the running and my bridal specialist was so sweet and helpful. Such a fun and glamorous day.

Look how happy Linda is!

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